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2014 December 17 Wednesday

Hi; as you can tell, not much is posted here these days. Look for me on other social networks. Maybe I’ll post more here again eventually, but there’s more of my postings happening elsewhere.


Many of you already know of my love/hate for tech devices of varying kinds. The love/hate comes at differing times and in differing levels for different devices, but all seems to have a basis in the everyday use of said items.

Today, this love/hate is being focused towards the BlackBerry 8900 from Research In Motion (RIM).

I am (now) on my –second– replacement BlackBerry 8900 device from T-Mobile due to an annoying issue (in layman’s terms-#8900 number three) which causes the screen to go all white, like a bad flashlight application might try to do. And, no, there is no “flashlight application of any kind–good OR bad– on my device to which I would be aware. I have wiped the device, I have tried updating to version 5 of the OS, I have used version 4.5 of the OS, I have had it happen when using OS applications (such as reading a received SMS/txt message, taking a picture with the camera–or attempting to do so, trying to send a message using the SMS “feature,” and so on).

I have done everything the BlackBerry tech support people on Twitter ( @BlackBerryHelp ) have said to try, as well as doing the same with the information and procedures from the people in T-Mobile’s Smartphone/BlackBerry telephone technical support department.

I have had varying levels of speed/ability in getting past the “white screen” (which fades into white like a filmographer might have a scene “fade to black”)–pulling the battery is a must; I have learned that changing the power source while rebooting allows me to get to a “desktop” but usually after a looooooooooong wait/”boot up time” to do so (e.g. last night, it took over half-an-hour before I finally went off to do something else-it had reached the desktop sometime between then and four hours later).

On the latest instance, I have installed NO apps other than what comes on the Blackberry 8900 itself.  I have my address book and messages synched to the device and have “managed my email/validated my email” addresses so far, and on version 4.5 of the device OS at the moment (by the looks of the messaging style-it’s not the wretched “conversation view-style of version 5”).

This REALLY STINKS, T-Mobile & R.I.M.–this is my third 8900 device now needing to be fixed (and this one only received less than a week ago)-I do not drop the device, etc.-it gets decent treatment. It has NOT been in water or excess humidity, the device is entact, the sensor stickers are still white, etc.

Just to clarify things a bit (some of which will be obvious to my followers, but not necessarily to those who stumble onto this posting) :

1) I work in the tech industry and am not computer illiterate.

2) This is not my first BlackBerry-I have had (and used) a BlackBerry for 3-3.5 years. This #8900 has been my BlackBerry device for about 1.5 years.

3) I perform regular data backups of the device.

4) This started some time ago as what I thought was a “temporary annoyance,” but has become commonplace, happening several times per day when I am indeed able to get said device to boot/reboot.

5) I need to pull the battery several times per day as a part of regular usage due to equipment freezes; this “white screen issue” simply adds more down-time to the device and for more battery-pulls.

6) This has been happening not only on downloaded applications, but also on NATIVE applications (i.e. ones which are a part of the BlackBerry device upon a “clean” installation, such as camera, reading a SMS/txt message, or even USING THE TELEPHONE “FEATURE”).

7) I have also heard a “buzzing sound” when using the phone as a phone-this sound is also heard by the party with whom I am speaking. The sound is similar to the sound one hears when a GSM phone is near computer speakers/a “live microphone in the broadcast industry,” but instead of a staccato rhythm which comes over the speakers/mic as a call or txt/SMS is about to arrive, this sound is continuous/not staccato.

8) After trying to get a solution via the T-mobile techs in the “BlackBerry” department (and having the problem continue), I went through RIM (Research in Motion)’s Twitter department, following their many instructions on wiping the device, eliminating applications, updating the operating system of the device and desktop, etc. yet the problem continues.

9) Today is the first day I have tried yet another replacement device from T-Mobile for this problem; I got a few hours of use tops (mostly in the area of trying to get my former workflow back into place, not to mention simply using the device itself) before this issue arose YET AGAIN.

10) I have not dropped my Blackberry, nor does it get any more jostling than what a business-card might get if placed into the shirt-pocket of one who spends the majority of his days sitting at a desk.

In the past, I have had annoyances with not receiving SMS texts sent from others using the same telephone provider (which was more-than-annoying), but this issue tops that one in making me frustrated, not to mention having me not want to tell people to buy a BlackBerry device.  Someone at Research In Motion really needs to look into this problem ASAP.

I do not use this blog enough…

2010 April 17 Saturday

Wow-I just realized this blog has not had an update in way too long of a time. My apologies to you, dear reader, for my lapse. For those of you with shorter attention spans, my tweets tell more of the story, but to quote the radio-personality Paul Harvey, “here’s the rest of the story.”

Sort of. OK-in reality this is missing quite a bit.

I hope to post here more frequently in the future. I have so much I’d like to say on so many topics right now, but professional decorum, self-imposed NDA’s, and the fact that some people give themselves plenty of rope with which to hang themselves (without me needing to give them any additional) generally keeps me biting my tongue for the time being; it is sad to see those to whom one has offered assistance continue to repeat the same mistakes, but in different (and also the same) areas; it is also enlightening to be able to postulate the next moves of a foe because you generally know the modus operandi and have already taken that move into consideration. Maybe I should take up fencing? Or Chess?

As mentioned on the TV-show “The ‘X’ Files,” the truth is out there… and the more I discover of it, the less I like what I see; it is not as if I am seeking the truth-it simply keeps arriving whether or not I seek it; how many others seem to not be able to put together otherwise distant activities (or can do so but also choose to bite their tongues) is baffling to me.

But unlike many who simply sit at their computer, or at a barstool (or both, or similar), and complain, I am taking action; if you are not part of the solution, them you are a part of the problem. I have lost(?) much sleep over some of this and have short hair for a reason right now (and the reason is NOT chemotherapy. Thankfully. Jerk.).

I am still presently happy for my generally decent health, family, and friends; I plan on keeping these near and dear. I also offer a toast to fallen comrades, as well as for those about to fall but have yet to realize it (as long as said blindness is not mine, knock on wood, in which case it’s time to skip the toast and change course). Speaking of changing course, please come back again and read more-I hope to keep more here to read in the future, and hope to be able to spill my guts on a few pertinent topics soon.

And because this specific user of a posted video clip on YouTube decided to not allow embedding, you will simply need to click the link and watch it on YouTube instead. I’d post a different link to the same track but this specific uploaded version’s audio and video quality seem to be the best of the bunch. “Mea Culpa” by Enigma (whose title AND artist names BOTH seem to be correct for this posting).

#rockford #socialmediabc

First off, a HUGE thank you to the staffers, volunteers, and presenters of (and at) this event.I got to meet many great people while learning about various social media. Although a few parts could have been better organized, the event generally went off appearing to be fairly flawlessly executed.  The theme was “my kung fu is stronger than yours.”

Finding a free ticket for both me (@WeberJon) and a non-tweeting friend via the organizers’ scavenger hunt, I was able to attend this otherwise $200/$250 event this weekend. A great tweetup/kickoff was held on Thursday evening at Kryptonite, allowing those in attendance to mingle with some of the attendees and network over a great brew (and while attempting to sing popular music).

I had to work on Friday, therefore I did not attend the conference on that day-that said, many of the session topics on Friday seemed aimed more toward the beginner (so I do not feel I missed too much by skipping on Friday).  A Friday evening tweetup at Irish Rose was not heavily attended (as I was told–I was a non-attendee due to family commitments), which was my (and many others’) loss–Mike’s spread was immense and I personally can vouch for great food at his establishment (so I am saddened I had to miss it).

Saturday morning had me getting to the venue bright and early, strong coffee in hand. A few microphone issues and a heavily (via a huge can of Red Bull) energized Ray Smith gave us the “lay of the land” for the day and D.D. Griffith (@Griffsays) went over the list of presenters’ background. I attended two engaging presentations by Avery Cohen (@AveryCohen) on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Analytics, a presentation by Heidi Sullivan (@hkskully) on free ways to monitor a social media campaign, and an open discussion session with Sarah Evans (@PRSarahEvans) on differing ways to make social networking more personal. I was hoping to catch Jen Knodel (@JenChicago) to ask her a few questions, but only saw her (briefly) in passing. I also missed getting a complimentry “head shot” taken at the event, which could have been useful for me (assuming my beautiful appearance did not break his camera—grin). The organizers reminded everyone about the tweetup at Carlyle Brewery-I did not hear much about this event, but I hope it went well (I had a family commitment to attend Saturday evening).

Sunday morning, with plenty of strong coffee in hand (my coffee is stronger than yours–LOL), we had a “demo project” to put the information into action. Tinker Swiss Cottage, Clinkenbeard, and Books By Terri were the three “clients” for this event. The organizers split us into three groups “playground style” (per my friend Laura Schade)  and I was fortunate to get to work on the Clinkenbeard project with some great people. Although I think parts of my presenting of our group’s ideas went over like a lead balloon, our group’s conversation and questions with Reg Gustafson hopefully gave him and others in the session a few ways to improve their efforts.

A few improvements in tracking the event into abilities/themes, the ability to have “open spaces”/break-out discussions outside of the scheduled sessions, and corporate sponsorship would take future similar events up to the next level in my opinion. I hope this event is part of a continuing conversation in the area on improving the skills and use of social networking.  For more information and comments, search on the hashtags used in this blog posting and also visit

Big Announcement Today at Noon

2009 July 10 Friday

Per a few reports online, Microsoft has a big announcement happening at noon today in regards to Silverlight. Correction-a just-now received Tweet from Anthony Handley says it is in about 14 minutes at

By the way-follow me on Twitter: @weberjon

I have been fortunate to have seen version 3 in beta of Blend and am actually excited about this version-which, for me, is a bit unusual for a Microsoft product. Although I am still a bit of the feeling that Windows 7 = Mohave plus possible service packs, I am strongly of the feeling that Expression Studio 3 (esp. when paired with Visual Studio 10, which I saw beta’d about a month ago in the Chicago ‘burbs by two huge proponents of WPF) will be a turning point for many designers; Adobe should be a bit nervous (not earthquake-shakingly nervous yet, but definitely nervous).

Here is an appetizer from a few months ago which should wet your whistle from uber-SL designer Corrina Barber on some of what is in store:

Like in the mid-to-late 1980’s, this is going to be a damn cool time in which to be a designer…

Am I the only person who thinks…

2008 November 7 Friday

…Windows 7 is Vista with a new name? Granted, I have yet to see/try Windows 7, but the minimum I have seen/read makes me think “Mohave,” but for real; I’m waiting for someone to tell me that it’s really Folgers Crystals, or that I’m soaking in it, etc.

I was just informed that an interview I gave at BFusion 2008 has been posted:

CF Conversations Podcast # 18

Check the above podcast at about 7:30-about 12:30 to hear me give my reactions to my BFusion 2008 experience!